Guilty Crown Episode 15

So, Shu ends up rejecting Yahiro's Void ranking system from last week (I would have been worried if he hadn't). A conversation with Souta convinces Shu further that he made the right choice, but shortening supplies start to force the ranking system back to the surface. Hare confesses to Shu, but they're interrupted when the low-level Void users leave the school on their own to get more supplies.

Shu runs out to help, but everyone gets surrounded by Anti Bodies. Shu and Hare are caught in an explosion, with Shu taking the brunt of the force. Hare manages to heal Shu, but dies in the process. In his rage, Shu draws Inori's Void and mercilessly destroys all of the enemy Endlaves. He then throws away his kindness and accepts the Void ranking system.

So Hare finally dies as I predicted. I say "finally", but I was expecting it to happen a bit later than it did. Like Lelouch, Shu has taken this death as a reason to walk down the path of destruction, abandoning everything he believed before. I assume he'll come back to his senses like Lelouch did, but we'll have to see how he manages that. It will probably have something to do with someone pointing out that Shu is abandoning the very thing that Hare loved about him to avenge her or something like that.

An interesting idea pops up in this episode. Souta points out that when he uses his Void, it's weaker than when Shu uses it. I thought that was a cool little touch. Also, Daryl gets pretty banged up by Shu...wonder how much he really likes Tsugumi to let that slide. The show's definitely setting itself up to be like Code Geass was. I just hope it doesn't end with Shu regaining his kindness, then realizing that he's burned too many bridges, so then he lets himself die to take all the hatred away. But amidst the criticisms I had before, I have to say that I like that the show is looking more at the internal conflict within the school due to isolation from the world, rather than a standard battle of the school against the government. Now, to sit back and watch as people rage about Hare's death.

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