Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 4

So, everyone is still adjusting to the new changes in their lives. Yuuta ends up running into the Sightseeing Club from school, and Sako almost finds out about the girls (in his own perverted way). Meanwhile, back at home, the girls are making their own mess. Sora attempts to cook dinner, but fails miserably. Yuuta ends up eating the food anyway, though.

Lots of pretty funny stuff this week. Smart of Yuuta to keep the girls a secret from Sako...that guy's nuts >.> I wonder if he'll tell Raika soon, though. I think it would make things interesting. I'm starting to think Sora gets maybe a little bit too embarrassed around Yuuta. Still, I guess it works. Aren't these girls supposed to go to school or something? More to come.

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