Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 4

So after the big accidental confession last week, Ichika and Kaito try to act as if everything is normal. Kaito tries to ask Tetsuro for advice and Ichika asks Remon. Tetsuro tells Kaito not to think about it too much. Kaito ends up getting advice from Kanna, who tells him to give it a shot with Ichika. On his way home, Kaito runs into Manami, who turns out to be Tetsuro's sister. She forces him to go shopping with her.

Ichika sees Kaito with Manami and ends up getting jealous. Ichika follows the two around until they reach Manami's house. She confronts Manami, who tries to get Ichika to admit she likes Kaito. Afterwards, Kaito tries to play it off by asking Ichika to help him wish his studies. However, that ends up unleashing a side of Ichika that works him to into the ground.

Alright, now that the summer has started, next week should be the start of the good stuff (at least, I hope). I'm a bit annoyed that they just played off the love confession...although I kinda expected it to happen. They both like each other...just be together jeez. Although, Ichika looking so jealous was kinda funny to watch. Not too sure what to expect next week, but in theory it should be good. They're starting their big movie, I'm guessing, and the title does reference the summer after all.

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