Rinne no Lagrange Episode 4

So this week's episode starts off with Muginami, our third main character, joining Madoka's class. Madoka is called to discuss the current state of affairs, and Youko allows her to continue piloting Vox Aura (which she has named Midori) on the condition that she continues to live at home and go to school. During a swimming competition, Lan is keeping watch over Muginami, so she knocks her into the water as a joke.

However, Lan is unable to swim, and Muginami ends up saving her. After seeing that, Madoka ends up asking Muginami to join her Jersey Club. Madoka then finds out that Muginami has nowhere to stay, so she invites her to come live with her. Meanwhile, the aliens from before are attacked by a man named Villagiulio, who asks them to join him. The episode ends with Lan transferring into the school as well and Array escapes from his prison cell.

Lan's cute when she's jealous. Anyway, it seems like Muginami is the type of girl who puts on the airhead appearance, but actually has a plan going on behind it. She seemed pretty serious when she was sneaking around in the Vox hangars. So, Lan is pretty cool and calm, with the Ovid signifying water, and Madoka is whimsical, with the Ovid signifying wind. Muginami's Ovid will signify fire, so does that mean she has some temper issues we're not aware of yet?

If Lan is some sort of princess, does that mean Muginami is one too? Or is she some sort of CIA-ish type from another world? I wonder how that will come into play in the future...maybe Lan's on the run. It looks like next week, we'll meet a more villainous-looking bad guy that I guess the girls will have to face. I'm guessing that's also when Muginami will come into play.

  • feal87

    Jan. 30, 2012, 3:55 a.m.

    three cheers for our stalking Lan! she's the only one worthy! :D


  • Kat

    Feb. 2, 2012, 8:35 p.m.

    I somehow see a rivalry between Muginami and Lan in the coming episodes. Something just doesn't seem right between the two of them. And you're right, Lan is adorable when she's jealous.


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