Persona 4 Episode 16

So despite the case being closed, Naoto confronts the gang with her theory, having noticed that some of them had disappeared similarly to the dead victims. Her conclusion is that they may be the only ones with the means to pursue the culprit. However, Naoto appears on the Midnight Channel that night. When Naoto is abducted, everyone realizes that Naoto went on TV on purpose to make herself the next victim. Unable to find Naoto, everyone leaves to find more information about her.

They are interrupted for a second when Yu witnesses a pretty touching moment between Kanji and his mother. Anyways, Yu and Kanji find out that Naoto was having disagreements with the local police, which gives Rise enough information to find her. After everyone reaches Naoto's dungeon, Naoto gets in the normal argument with her Shadow, which leads to the Shadow revealing that Naoto is actually a girl. Naoto rejects her Shadow and it turns to face everyone. After hitting Yosuke's Persona, Yosuke is aged.

So that whole aging thing was a little weird. I don't remember that being in the game. Kanji takes the spotlight this week, acting pretty darn macho. He also has a scene with Yu akin to the ones with Chie and Yosuke. However, the three of them still have the same Persona, so no visible results yet. Hopefully that comes into play later...maybe even in this battle.

Finally the big reveal that Naoto is actually a girl. In the game, I know this was a huge "wtf" moment for me. Next week, everyone will battle it out with the Shadow Naoto, and I'm sure new Persona will be revealed...if not Yu, then someone else will evolve their Persona. So far, the studio has been doing a great job of adding in new things in every battle. And since it's been so long, hopefully next week's will be a big one.

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