Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 4

This week's episode starts off with a flashback to when Kanade arrived at HQ. In her lust for vengeance for her family, Kanade subjected herself to intense pain to force herself to become compatible with Gungnir. Back in the present, the strange girl with the Nehushtan armor starts to fight with Tsubasa, but her true intention is to kidnap Hibiki.

Tsubasa manages to blow the girl away with her swan song, which is the song that killed Kanade. However, Tsubasa survives and the girl gets away. Later, someone at HQ explains Tsubasa's attitude and behavior to Hibiki. Hibiki starts to blame herself for everything, eventually cheering up with Miku's help. Hibiki then asks Genjurou to train her.

So no extra info on this mystery girl with the Nehushtan armor. Honestly, I was expecting the episode to end with her slinking away to some hidden organization apologizing for her failure. Interesting that she could summon Noise, though. It's kind of predictable that the Symphogear and the Noise are related, but on what level?

Hibiki continues to be useless without a weapon. I actually wonder if she'll have the same weapon as Kanade, or if it will distort somehow. I'm glad Hibiki didn't end up being super depressing after that whole incident, because that's never fun to see. Hopefully, things get interesting next week when Tsubasa wakes up again.

  • feal87

    Jan. 29, 2012, 9:46 a.m.

    I'm going to cover next episode I suppose! I want to be 100% sure nothing is going to happen to Tsubasa... That scene was really scary...:(


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