Guilty Crown Episode 14

After the Devil Survivor setup from last week, Arisa tries to calm the student body, but it ends up backfiring as everyone loses faith in her leadership. Tsugumi finds a device that measures Void strength, which actually leads to Shu drawing her Void, since no one has seen it yet (am I the only one that thought over 9000 when they scanned Inori?). Meanwhile, Keido starts Operation Purify Tokyo, slowly killing everyone within the walls.

Meanwhile Segai leaks a message that giving up the members of Funeral Parlor will allow people to escape. Arisa tries to convince everyone not to believe this message, but no one will listen to her. Shu stops everyone, admitting to being a member of Funeral Parlor. He uses Tsugumi's Void to create holograms to show everyone that the government is actually lying to them. With that, he's able to gain everyone's trust and they all choose him as their leader.

I guess this is the point where Shu takes on Gai's role, but with the student body rather than Funeral Parlor. So far, so predictable. I guess Yahiro's Void Ranking System will eventually be the thing that makes him evil again? It sounds pretty dehumanizing for a good guy to be proposing. I'm sure it's another step in Shu's development. Also, it seems he's finally getting used to his power...he disarmed that guy with the gun like it was nothing.

That bit with Inori was kinda interesting too when she kills the boys harassing her. I wonder if that will come back into play soon. I'm glad Shu is starting to be less annoying, but I wish this show would surprise me a bit...maybe I'm just looking at things the wrong way. Also, I was expecting a bit more from the Tsugumi-focused episode...maybe there's more?

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