Persona 4 Episode 15

So yeah...apparently, something's going on with Commie, so this episode was late. With summer vacation over, it's time for Naoto to take center stage. Fast forward a few days to the school trip to...Gekkoukan High School. Yes, this is the Persona 3 crossover episode. But not just that, this is also the love hotel episode! Strangely enough though...despite all of this, Chie and Yu have a moment together where they get a little closer.

All of this leads to everyone going to a club, where they find Naoto and ask her to join them. And what's the most hilarious part? Everyone gets drunk! In her drunken stupor, Yukiko ends up telling Naoto about Persona, but she's unwilling to believe her. She also reveals that there is no alcohol in any of the beverages.

I'm still playing Persona 3, so I probably missed a lot of references...oh, what a pity. However, the rest of the episode is just hilarious antics from the Persona 4 game. The scene where everyone's drunk was pretty great, especially with only half of them really feeling the effects. Yu really differentiating himself from his video game self, especially with the return of stripper Yu.

Also, this episode seemed to look a little bit more into Chie. I think I mentioned in a previous episode that I noticed a focus on Yosuke. I wonder if their Persona have changed...I really hope so. They need to integrate those somehow. They changed the opening and ending for this episode too. I like the opening, but I wish I could have been able to hear it a bit better. I liked the ending too, but I don't have any complaints about not being able to hear that. It looks like next week, Naoto's arc will be'll probably get finished up in the episode after that.

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