Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 3

So after basically being rejected by Ichika last week, Kaito ditches school the next day. Ichika misreads this, thinking he found out she's an alien. Kanna ends up thinking Kaito and Ichika are doing things together, so she checks up on Kaito. Afraid Ichika will catch him with another girl, Kaito inadvertently asks Kanna out.

The "date" is interrupted when Kanna and Kaito catch Remon, who has been recording them the whole time. Kanna runs after Remon, and Kaito ends up running into Ichika. Like a man, Kaito flees from Ichika. Anyways, the two finally talk and they both realize they had misread the situation, so they just drop it. Later though, Ichika accidentally stumbles upon the confession Kaito was trying to make the night before.

So let me see if I got this right. Kanna likes Kaito, Kaito likes Ichika, Tetsuro likes Kanna, and Mio likes Tetsuro? Yeesh...that can't end well. Sigh...poor Kanna. Things aren't looking so well for her. Looks like Ichika managed to keep her secret and find out Kaito's...that was pretty pro. This show is still looking like standard slice of life so anything else going to happen? It should happen soon...I'm starting to think this is only going to be slice of life.

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