Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 16

So this week, everyone is about to head back to Japan, but Jikukawa stops them, saying the plane is trapped by the POG. They're instead rerouted through Italy. However, this turns out to be the true trap, as Gyamon realizes when he confronts the Giver that impersonated Jikukawa.

Playing off Gyamon's pride, Bishop gets Gyamon to take on the Exorcism Labyrinth, a forbidden puzzle. Meanwhile, the real Jikukawa challenges Rook to a chess game, with the condition that Rook will answer one of his questions if he wins. He ends up losing, though. Kaito shows up and uses Orpheus to solve the unsolvable puzzle.

Looks like Kaito forced the armband to activate this week and entered some weird state before Nonoha knocked him out of it. The chess game was a bit amusing...Jikukawa lost to such a simple opening trap. I'm not sure if that's even possible.

It felt like this episode was meant to show the gap between Kaito and his friends widening even more. I find that pretty annoying that he's becoming this sort of super-puzzle solver. It makes me wonder what the other characters are there for in the first place. Oh well, more to come.

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