Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 15

Nonoha tries to cheer Kaito up, but when Kaito finds out about Cubic's encounter last week, he runs off to find Rook. Kaito ends up finding Rook's childhood room, finding a book of murderous puzzles there. Kaito's still questioning everything he believed, but Nonoha arrives to tell him that Ana is missing. Kaito and Nonoha go off to find Ana, who has gone to the place in Kaito's memories to face a Sage Puzzle.

Kaito arrives, but Ana has already started the puzzle. Ana ends up solving the puzzle easily, but Cubic and Gammon cause the stones to fall when they try to save Ana. Ana ends up being okay, revealing that the only reason he came was to find the wooden puzzle Rook made for Kaito. Rook, who has been watching everything, is noticeably shocked.

I knew it! I knew Rook couldn't suddenly change his personality for no reason like that. The episode mentioned some sort of "program", so is Rook some sort of puzzle creation robot? That's quite the twist. Does this make Rook a potential ally in the future? I sure hope so. The show's doing a great job of giving everyone else in Kaito's group of friends a chance to show off their own stuff while Kaito mopes like an emo kid. Anyways, look forward to more.

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