Another Episode 2

This week's episode starts off with the introduction of Mochizuki, who draws a rendition of Munch's Scream in art class (how fitting). He invites Kouichi to join the art club. Later, another student Teshigawara mentions the curse of the class and tries to tell Kouichi something, but he's cut off by Mochizuki. The two also try to stop Kouichi from talking to Mei, who's drawing alone in the library. He's also introduced to the librarian, Chibiki.

That night, Kouichi returns to the hospital to talk with a nurse, asking about the day he met Mei. He asks whether anyone had died (he saw Mei going to the morgue that day). The nurse reveals that a girl might have died that day and offers to find the name. The next day, Izumi (tsundere chick) tries to tell Kouichi something about the class, but she is also stopped like the day before.

Kouichi is following Mei home after school when he gets a call from the nurse. The nurse reveals that the dead girl was a junior high school student, an only child, and had the name Misaki or Masaki (of course), but the call is cut off. Kouichi enters the building where he loses sight of Mei to find a strange shop selling dolls. He finds a doll that resembles Mei, but then the real Mei appears. She then takes off her eye patch as the episode ends.

Could the next episode finally explain where the show is trying to go? If we see what's under the eye patch, we could finally figure everything out. I'm still liking the idea of Mei being an ordinary girl that's been caught up in the school's paranoia. But there's still the chance that she's supernatural in some way. The whole deal with the nurse just seems like standard scary story setup, so I can't really read much from that. It doesn't necessarily mean Mei is dead. I'm really enjoying the vibes and the tension that this show gives. I'm not so experienced with horror movies or shows because I don't find them scary, but I find this show interesting nonetheless. I'm really curious where all of this goes, but I guess we'll have to wait until next week.

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