Nisemonogatari Episode 2

Picking up where we left off last week, this week's episode starts off with Koyomi finally reaching Nadeko's house. Nadeko is clearly flirting with Koyomi, but he is able to ignore it for the most part (for Senjougahara!!). Nadeko tells him about a strange charm that's been going around lately, and Karen is involved.

After a hilarious call with Suruga, Koyomi finds Karen, who is doing random handstands. Karen gets a call, and Koyomi is on his way. He reaches Suruga's house to find her...naked. Once she's dressed, they talk for a bit and you know...random violence. You know, normal stuff from this show.

The trumpets in Karen's opening theme seem a little awkward to me, but I liked the rest of it a lot. The ending theme is more my style...I would definitely listen to it. I guess we're still in the intro phase of this show, reintroducing all of the girls from Bakemonogatari. We saw a glimpse of Karen's story this week, but we can only speculate for now. Is something gonna happen next week? Or does Tsubasa need to come back into the picture first?

Most of these first two episodes has just been random conversation. It's all pretty funny, but I wanna see something happen...Though I will say that I surprised to see that Karen isn't a brat to her older brother like I expected. She actually seemed to act fairly normal for a little sister in my eyes. I really like this needs to be next week already.

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