Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 2

So a week has passed since the premiere of this episode and I have heard some very mixed reactions to it. But back to the show, Hibiki's feral transformation finishes and she has...a normal suit? Tsubasa also recognizes Gungnir as being Kanade's code name. She arrives on scene to help fight the Noise, since the newbie Hibiki is unable to use her powers well. With the battle over, Hibiki is taken to the Mobile Disaster Response Corps 2nd Division HQ, where she is uhh...welcomed with party favors?

Hibiki is introduced to Genjuro Kazanari, who acts as leader, and Ryoko Sakura, who I'm guessing is a head researcher or something. When Hibiki gets home, her roommate Miku...uhh...well...nothing (cough yuri). Meanwhile, Tsubasa is being haunted by Kanade's memory, as Hibiki is wearing her suit. The next day, the guys at HQ explain that Tsubasa has a Relic that's some fragment of a weapon, and the songs resonate with it and amplify the weapon to draw out its powers.

Also, those that are able to sing these songs are called the Attuned. But wait...Hibiki doesn't have a Relic? What's going on? Well, Hibiki actually has fragments of Gungnir near her heart (Ironman much?) from the attack two years earlier. Hibiki is then asked to join the group, which she readily accepts (you formed the contract). But then, a Noise attack! Hibiki is still a newbie, but she insists on going anyway. However, Genjuro reads this behavior as telling something about her past. The episode ends with Tsubasa turning her weapon to fight against Hibiki :O

An opening! And it sounded pretty good...very energetic and fits the style of the show. As for the show itself, they actually explained things so early in the show? There's gotta be something they're leaving out. Some dark secret. There's no other reason for explaining everything in the second episode (unless there are only three episodes total O.o). I'm not gonna touch the whole thing going on between Miku and Hibiki, but I'm guessing Miku's gonna be important later. I think Tsubasa has the potential to be a very interesting character or a huge cliche in the end. I'm really hoping for the former. She's clearly got some serious baggage. Will they actually fight next week or will they be stopped? A show that incorporates good music so much without being about a band...I like.

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