Another Episode 1

To be honest, I've been looking forward to this one. We start off with a background story about a class years before the start of the show with a student named Misaki, a smart and popular girl who dies. However, the class continues to pretend she is alive until they graduate. Years later, we're introduced to the main character, Kouichi Sakakibara, who is about to be released from a hospital.

Before being discharged, Kouichi is visited by three of his classmates from his new school, Yomi North, Kazami Tomohiko, Sakuragi Yukari, and Akazawa Izumi. He later meets another girl in the elevator wearing the same uniform, who introduces herself as Misaki Mei. The next day at school, Kouichi notices a desk that's pretty shabby-looking, but the other students don't really say anything about it.

At gym, Kouichi has to sit out and meets a sickly boy named Takabayashi, who can't run because of a heart condition. When Kouichi asks Sakuragi about Misaki, she is noticeably disturbed, but Misaki then appears on the roof of the school. Misaki tells Kouichi that his name is associated with a death at the school and warns him not to associate himself with her.

Opening theme was pretty good, but I like most stuff by ALI PROJECT. The ending theme sounds nice, but it's a bit too mellow for my tastes. About the actual show itself, I'm enjoying it for sure. It's got a nice dark feel to it and scary stories are fun. I'm guessing it's no coincidence that the school's called "Yomi" North. I'm very curious about what direction this show will take. Will Misaki be the only supernatural force or is she just one aspect? I think it's more interesting if it's just her. I'm also curious what role Sakuragi and Akazawa are going to take in the story.

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