Rinne no Lagrange Episode 1

I feel so late with these posts, but my goal is to get caught up this week. Anyways, this series starts off with introduction of Madoka Kyono, a very energetic girl who immediately starts the series by saving a drowning person. Things start to get strange when Madoka meets a girl, who returns her lost school uniform (which she was wearing), but she then disappears.

After an...interesting conversation with her older sister, Madoka returns to school the next day to find that the strange girl from the day before is requesting to join her club, introducing herself as Lan. Lan then drags Madoka to a facility asking her to pilot a robot which seems to have a link with her past. Soon after they arrive, the facility is attacked and Madoka is forced into action.

When Madoka's first attack doesn't work, the robot switches into humanoid mode and she's able to break the enemy's defense, winning the battle. So from the first episode, I'd have to say that Madoka's an interesting character. Not sure about Lan and the mystery third girl that seems to be getting introduced next week. Not that much action in the first episode since the battle was quick. I have to say that movements of the robots were also kinda boring.

Opening and ending themes didn't impress me, but they were okay. I'm not sure if Lan and this other girl are also going to be pilots. It would make sense. Also, what's the deal with calling the mecha "robots"? Isn't that kinda generic? Can't they come up with some cool name for them? Oh well, I guess this show is interesting enough to continue.

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