Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 14

After the events from two weeks ago in the Fools Puzzle, Kaito is rushed to the hospital. Cubic seems to be shaken the most by Kaito's injury, and he's led away by the POG. He finds a Giver who gives him a puzzle made by Rook. Cubic solves the puzzle with ease, but his hand slips while he's typing the answer and he makes a mistake, causing him to fail the first part.

Cubic fails all of the first parts and reaches the last part, his last chance to win. Cubic refuses to just run away and manages to solve the puzzle. However, the Giver reveals that the puzzle was made by Rook at age five.

So as I've said before, it's nice to see someone other than Kaito doing something. But I also understand that this episode was meant to show the gap between Kaito and his friends, and probably the reason why he's so special. Next week is going to be something about Rook's childhood? Maybe a look into why he's so messed up in the head?

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