Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 1

So, I'm a bit late on this, but this show seems popular online so I wanted to join in. The episode starts off with a girl visiting the grave of her friend Hibiki, but then flashes back two years to events before her death. In this flashback, we're introduced to two performers, Tsubasa and Kanade, who end up singing a song (which is pretty good).

However, this song is interrupted when strange enemies called Noise attack. In response, Tsubasa and Kanade activate some sort of armor and start to eliminate the Noise. Despite Kanade's best efforts to defend her, Hibiki is very severely wounded. In response, Kanade sacrifices her own life to wipe out all of the Noise.

Back in the present, Hibiki is somehow alive and Tsubasa is continuing to sing by herself. We also find out that the battle was covered up as a simple attack by the Noise. Tsubasa seems to have become colder due to Kanade's death. Hibiki stumbles upon a Noise attack. As she's about to be killed, she starts to sing and activates a similar to suit to Tsubasa and Kanade, but with a more feral appearance.

So I like the way this show started since it gets right down into the action. Of course, this runs into the problem that there are quite a lot of questions that I have. I'm assuming the Symphogear has something to do with the music required to attack effectively or something. I'm also confused why Hibiki has a grave if she's still alive after they said "back to the present." What do I like about this show? There's so much music and it all sounds good. But I think the way they do attacks is weird, with the freeze frame and the name. I guess it makes it so the characters aren't just shouting out their attacks, but it just seems odd to me.

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