Nisemonogatari Episode 1

So since I got back home earlier in the day than I expected, let's take a look at Nisemonogatari, which I've been very highly anticipating. So the episode starts off with our favorite hero Araragi in handcuffs, captured by none other than Senjougahara. After some amusing antics, we flashback to before Araragi is captured, and a conversation he has with Tsukihi before heading off to tutoring.

However, after a call to Sengoku, Araragi ends up going to see her instead, inviting Tsukihi to no avail. On his way to Sengoku's, Araragi runs into Hachikuji as well. Rather than continue on his way, Araragi spends basically the rest of the episode talking with her about his troubles and whatnot.

All in all, an enjoyable episode. Most of it is spent with Araragi going around reintroducing all of the girls from Bakemonogatari, but I'm guessing the story will get under way soon. As usual, I can't stop paying attention for an instant, or I may miss something. Anyways, strange to see the episode called Karen Bee, but have no real appearance of Karen. I guess that will start up next week or something.

Is Araragi our protagonist again? Or will he fade into the background with his capture? Also, I didn't even need to hear the whole opening theme to know I loved the song. Nice stuff and I'm hoping this show ends up being great.

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