Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 13

So this week's episode picks up from last week. As Kaito continues to tackle the Fool's Puzzle, with Rook playing the part of helpless bystander, the rest of the title-bearers find out the truth about Phi Brain from Jikukawa.

When Rook's life is endangered by the puzzle, Kaito activates the armband to solve the puzzle. When Kaito solves the puzzle, Rook finally reveals himself as a POG Giver.

So in a brief scene, we see that Rook envied the attention Kaito got from Jin, the third person from their memories together, as they were both solvers unlike Rook. As I said before, I wonder what caused Rook's change of character from child to present.

Is this Jin character just the principal? Because they look pretty similar. If so, then I'd be a bit disappointed. I thought Kaito was supposed to be some brilliant puzzle solver. Anyways, more to come.

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