Persona 4 Episode 12

Much apologies for the late post. This week's episode was a pretty good one in my opinion. Everyone reaches Kubo's dungeon's end to find a Shadow that is rejected as usual. However, this time things take a twist. We fast forward into the future, where everyone is meeting to discuss the closing of the case following Kubo's arrest.

With the case closed, everyone starts to drift away from Yu, starting with a failed omelette rice cooking contest judged by Nanako. Yu starts to spiral without his friends, but it all turns out to be an illusion created by the Shadow. With everyone else holding off the Shadow's defenses, Yu retaliates by unleashing every one of his Persona to destroy it.

With the Shadow destroyed, the gang interrogates Kubo, who admits to killing everyone for attention. He's arrested back in the real world and everyone gets together similarly to the vision Yu was shown. However, this time things are different and everyone gets together to celebrate successfully.

But what's going on? Only halfway through the series and the case is solved? What about that mystery final character in the main cast? As you may have guessed, there's still more to the story. Next week it looks like Yu will just be forming bonds again, but the case should pick up again fairly quickly. I liked that this week's episode brings to light Yu's own doubts, rather than making him this mystery protagonist that's doesn't seem to have these huge personal problems like everyone else.

This episode also suggests that they may try to show all of the bad endings before reaching the true ending from the game. I'm hoping not because one of the bad endings is going to be hard to watch (it involves Nanako). Also, have I mentioned that Rie Kugimiya as Rise is way too cute yet? And finally, we get to see all of the Persona that Yu's been stockpiling this whole time (why does he have two Mitami?).  Anyways, I don't know if there's an episode this week, but I sure hope so.

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