Guilty Crown Episode 11

So after the big attack from last week, Keido blames the viral event on the Undertakers. In a bind, Shu calls his friends from school so that he can draw their Voids to fight. He shows them all his ability and asks for their help (Yahiro backs him up).

Meanwhile, with Haruka's help, Inori sings Mana's song (apparently, that's the mystery girl's name) and heals everyone's viral symptoms. With everyone's aid, Shu breaks into the facility to try and save Inori, but the strange antagonist from many episodes before appears to draw her Void. However, Gai takes the hit for Shu.

So Hare's Void has a healing sort of function, so it further affirms my theory that she's going to die. So I like how Shu acted like a leader for everyone in this episode, but I don't really like how annoying he was about getting to that point.

Another nice thing is that Yahiro isn't going insane about Jun's death. I like that he's accepted this and willing to help Shu. Story's finally moving on and I hope it ends up being good despite the shaky start. I really hope Gai doesn't end up dying, but it's looking very likely right now.

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