Chihayafuru Episode 12

The aftermath of the regional tournament. Chihaya's announcement is overshadowed by her sister's news of being on a game show. Back at school, Chihaya finds out that Tsutomu's test scores have dropped recently, but he doesn't seem to mind. Everyone goes back to practicing, with Chihaya playing a match against Harada for the first time.

After losing to Harada, Chihaya starts to freak out about the nationals, but Taichi uses his trademark chillness to calm her down. Nice touching scene when Chihaya gets home, where she realizes that her parents truly do care about her accomplishments.After that, it's just back to practice again in the clubroom, with the adviser noticing their dedication and taking their trophy to the case in the principal's office.

Kind of a feel-good episode this week. Just everyone dealing with their worries about nationals, I guess? The episode ended with everyone leaving for Omi Jingo, so I guess nationals are getting started already? Weird that they don't really have a training camp or something. I was kind of expecting something like that. Maybe it's good they get straight to the point, but does that mean nationals are going to take the rest of the season? Or maybe a Queen/Meijin tournament to end it? We can only find out as we go along, I guess.

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