Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 12

With things starting to wind down a bit, Kaito arrives at school to find a very familiar puzzle on the board, put there by Rook. Rook reveals that he has come to take Kaito to Crossfield Academy, a school for geniuses, as a temporary exchange student. As Rook meets with Kaito's friends, we see a bit of Kaito's past and his friendship with Rook.

Ana shows off his perception when he tells Nonoha that he wonders if Rook and Kaito truly are friends. At Crossfield Academy, Rook and Kaito go to their "special place," a church with a maze that they couldn't finish as children. They find a strange path there, but Kaito tries to turn back suspecting a Sage Puzzle.

Rook convinces Kaito to solve the puzzle, but the puzzle locks Kaito in when it starts. The episode ends as the Principal reveals that the puzzle isn't a Sage Puzzle, but a banned puzzle designed to test Phi Brain children.

I question Rook's personality. How does he go from a seemingly innocent kid to this manipulative mastermind? Was his personality always like this? That's the only way this makes sense. If he was calculating everything from the first time he met Kaito. Oh well, I guess Rook's personality will come out to Kaito next week.

  • Yaoilovertash

    Dec. 21, 2011, 2 p.m.

    I don't think Rook is an evil person. I believe he developed his dark personality from whereever he went after he left Kaito. He seems he had a lonely existence because he said that he lived for Kaito and only him in this episode which revealed that he must still care for Kaito at some level. Unfortunately, Kaito was able to overcome his past's angst but Rook seems to be still trapped in his darkness. I believe the next episode would be a showdown between them. I only hope that it doesn't break Kaito's spirit because he cares about Rook; they had a deep, caring relationship at one time and betrayal can truly destroy that beauty. I also wondered what happen to Kaito's puzzle that he was about to destroy after losing his parents; does he still have it or did it give it to Rook? What ever happened to Gentleman X? He looks similar to the headmaster of the school that seems to know way too much about puzzles. Hopefully everything will be revealed in the next episode because it's hard for me to believe that Rook can easily betray Kaito, when he "lived for him" at one point in his life. Unless, he truly has no heart or lost his heart through some type of terrible upbringing.


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