Persona 4 Episode 11

Ack! The subtitle color hurts my eyes! Anyways, the guy at the start of this week's episode doesn't remind us of anyone we know, right? Sits behind a computer all day with posters of girls all around the room? Nah...just my imagination.

More importantly, the start of this week's episode also brings news of the murder of Morooka, hung upside down like the first two victims (I never liked that guy anyway). Everyone is naturally confused, as he hasn't appeared on TV as their original theory suggested.

When everyone goes to Junes, they find that Kuma has left the TV World. Kuma reveals that Morooka was never in the TV World, so that the murderer is actually a copycat. We also see...Kuma's real form! Yu and Yukiko go to see Rise, but Naoto is already there. Naoto finally introduces...herself as Naoto Shirogane (sorry...I've already let out that fact).

Psycho dude from the start of the episode asks Yukiko out again (he did in the first episode if you remember), but is rejected again. The next day, Naoto informs everyone that the murderer has been caught, presumably crazy kid. Yu refuses to believe that the case is over, and that night, the crazy guy appears on the Midnight Channel.

So, something I forgot to mention last week that Margaret reminded me of at the beginning of this week's episode. Rise's the Lovers Arcana >.> That would've helped my Rise-Yu ending argument a lot. I also thought it was funny that they brought in the Beef Bowl Challenge. In the game, taking the challenge raises several of your stats (which is mentioned in the show). Also, just like the game, when they failed, they had to pay the 3000 yen (lol!).

Kuma taking off his costume was a serious double take moment for me in the game...but definitely provided some serious entertainment. Naoto's got an annoying personality now, but I promise she'll change (:D). Video game dungeon is next...if you couldn't tell from the guy's computer. Only a few more episodes until the team is fully assembled, I would believe. Rise with Rie Kugimiya's voice is so unfair...sigh

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