Chihayafuru Episode 11

Time for the finals! Chihaya ends up facing Sudo, and Taichi ends up facing Retro (the guy from the past). As the finals get under way, we go over to Arata, who reveals that he's been missing Chihaya's emails due to computer problems. Back at the game, Sudo takes the initiative against Chihaya, but everyone else manages to repair her morale.

Chihaya starts to rally, and Harada realizes that she has started to subconsciously analyze the reader's style. Meanwhile, Nishida's opponent taunts him about his absence from karuta, but Nishida is able to rally as well. However, Kanade and Tsutomu end up losing fairly quickly. Taichi takes the first win for their team, quickly followed by Nishida. Finally, Chihaya wins (of course, on her own card).

I really like Taichi's character. He's very mature and he has a pretty decent sense of how other people are feeling. Also, he approaches karuta in a very analytical way, which is a complete pleasure to see because I love listening to strategy. So, I guess this is the style of show that goes all the way to the nationals in a straight shot like Saki. I feel like Arata has to come back into the picture somehow. Is he going to just be an observer? That's the vibe I get, but I'd like for him to play. They did a good job of making Sudo an unlikable character if that was their intent. I almost feel like they tried a bit too hard. Anyways, more stuff next week.

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