Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 11

So, now we're in the aftermath of the big battle, and the girls are having a battle royale for Yamato. While the girls sit together and watch Yamato's porn together, Yamato talks with the bandaged-face guy about justice and whatnot. The Yamato love-fest turns into a duel between Momoyo and the other girls. Meanwhile, Tachibana declares war on the entire nation. The military responds, but civilians are used in the attack.

In the duel, Momoyo finally admits how she feels about Yamato after hearing everyone else do the same. Yamato then shows up to declare that he will fight to project Japan, rallying everyone behind him for the final showdown, which...will happen next week.

I find it hard to like Momoyo's character for some reason. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing. All the Yamato talk these past few episodes is starting to become a little nauseating, but I'm thinking there won't be as much next week because of the final battle. Next week's the finisher. Either the final battle will be short or the epilogue will be, so we'll just have to watch and find out.

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