Persona 4 Episode 10

So...Rise's dungeon is a strip club. Normal taunting of the real Rise aside, Kanji starts his first battle by decimating most of the minions. Rise rejects her Shadow like everyone else and it takes its true form. The Shadow shows off its ability by scanning all of the gang's Persona and hitting each one with its weakness.

Rise's Shadow ends up turning on Rise, but Kuma stands in the way, calling forth an energy that the Shadow is unable to scan. Kuma is unaffected by the Shadow's attacks and destroys her weapon. The battle looks won, and Rise accepts her Shadow when Kuma talks with her. Unfortunately, a mystery Shadow appears, belonging to none other than Kuma.

Everyone's still weakened from the battle with Rise's Shadow, but Rise's Persona scans the Shadow. Kuma is able to accept his Shadow without a pep talk, which allows Rise to see the Shadow's weak spot for a final attack, and Kuma gets his own Persona.

Double header this week. Only one more Persona left. But don't worry, there's plenty of story left. My memory of this part gets a bit fuzzy, but it seems like the story remains faithful to the game. I'm really not sure whether this is because it's Rise's episode, but there were lots of hints at a Yu x Rise ending. Honestly, even if she's not the one I'd pick, it would make me happy to see Yu actually choose someone. And it's not like Rise's a horrible character or anything. Man...Rie Kugimiya...Gonna go ahead and throw it out there. Don't expect the last character quite so quickly. But still, next week will be another dungeon, it seems.

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