Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 10

Beach episode! Everyone's headed off to Sena's summer home. Yozora embarrasses Sena as usual when Sena asks her to put sunblock on her back (we weren't enjoying it...right?). The "training camp" goes by fairly quickly, but with some awkward tension between Kodaka and Yozora, and eventually leading to a test of courage.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the test of courage ends up becoming an exhibition of failed horror stories until Yozora finally ends up scaring everyone with her story. That night, Sena ends up asking Kodaka to go to the bathroom with her because she isn't scared (...what?). Sena's not the only one, though, as she is followed by Kobato and Maria with the same request.

When Kodaka finally goes to the bathroom himself, he runs into Yozora, who has a similar request as the other girls (despite telling the story herself). Sigh...this show is so good for the laughs. Scenes of younger Kodaka in the preview, so maybe more on his childhood next week? Also, it looks like the summer festival scene will be the next episode's focus. I still can't believe Kodaka can keep a straight face with all the stuff he has to go through. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to more of this show :D

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