Guilty Crown Episode 9

This week's episode looks to have more of a focus on Hare, Shu's classmate who clearly likes him. Her friend Kanon creates an opportunity for Shu and Hare to go shopping together, but they are interrupted when Yahiro appears. Shu cuts the date short to go with Yahiro to see Jun and talk, but naturally Hare follows him.

Yahiro begs Shu for help, and Shu obliges. However, the two end up walking into a trap set by Segai. Shu draws Yahiro's Void, but Daryl ends up using a new gene capture weapon that homes in on him. However, the device suddenly homes in on Jun, which causes the Apocalypse symptoms to manifest on Daryl's Endlave.

The Endlave then goes after Yahiro, causing Shu to attack it. However, this attack allows Shu to talk with Jun and see Jun's memories before the Lost Christmas. Jun then begs Shu to kill him to save Yahiro, which Shu ends up doing.

So, something Jun said was very interesting. He mentioned that he was able to see Voids when he contracted the Apocalypse Virus. Did Gai survive the Apocalypse Virus somehow? Maybe the mystery girl saved him at the cost of her life. Also, Hare now knows about Shu's secret life and watched him kill someone. If you remember a certain character in Code Geass who found out Lelouch's secret...well, my predictions about Hare aren't that much of a leap. I would've liked Shu to have shown a more interesting reaction to killing Jun, but I guess he's still the same wimp. Oh well, more to come. I wonder if Yahiro will turn out to be an enemy or something.

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