Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 10

This week's episode starts off with Takeda from the Puzzle Club participating in a puzzle game show and losing to the puzzle of Elena. Meanwhile, Gyamon is in a puzzle battle against an Antoinette ('s Elena), but they're interrupted when he drags her out to save her from some men in suits.

Later, the POG's president orders Elena to get rid of Kaito's friends as a Giver, so she invites Gyamon to solve a puzzle. Kaito, Nonoha, and Gyamon find her at the set for the game show, where she recreates the puzzle from the show, but with Gyamon and Nonoha as parts of it.

Elena creates betrayal option for Kaito and his friends, revealing her lack of trust in people. However, Gyamon surprises her by attempting to sacrifice himself, but Kaito stops him. At the last second, Elena tries to stop the puzzle, fearing all three will die, but the POG president has overridden her access. However, Kaito solves the puzzle.

Gyamon sort of shines in this episode (hit that, Gyamon!). Definitely not the last we'll see of Elena. It looks like they'll all have to battle her again next week. It looked like she was turning to the good side this week, so she might join the cast as a recurring character. Her character annoys me a bit for some reason. She reminds me a bit of Kanon from The World God Only Knows. Maybe I'm just nuts.

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