Fate/Zero Episode 10

The return of Chibi Rin! There's no stronger way to start an episode. The first part of this episode takes a step back to before Rin is sent away by Tokiomi. She's upset about her father's decision, but her father gives her a gift to make her feel better. Also, we find out that one of Rin's friends went missing when Caster attacked Saber in the earlier episode.

Rin goes out to find her by herself and stumbles upon Ryuunosuke leading a bunch of kids somewhere. Rin ends up finding her friend, but she is unresponsive and Rin is caught by Ryuunosuke. He tries to use the bracelet that he used to hypnotize the other kids on Rin, but she is able to destroy it with her own prana, releasing everyone.

One of Caster's tentacle monsters tries to attack Rin, but she is saved by Kariya (presumably because of his relationship with Sakura). Kariya then explains his situation to Rin's mother, assuring her that Sakura is okay.

At first glance, this week's episode looked like a step back into the calmer life of Chibi Rin, but it quickly ramps the action and the tension right back up again. I like that this series doesn't have those sort-of filler episodes where the main characters are just messing around, like a beach scene or something like that. The tension is there and it stays there.

So, Kariya reveals that he isn't completely insane...although we can't be sure of his mental state. I was pretty impressed with Rin beating Ryuunosuke when I saw it. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression that Ryuunosuke actually knows no magic and was only borrowing the power from Caster. Still, beating Caster's bracelet is pretty impressive to say the least.

Based on the emblems in the preview, it's possible the three kings are gonna duke it out next week. Should definitely be a sight to see. Why does this show have to take a break in the winter? I'm so upset.

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