Persona 4 Episode 9

Introducing Risette (aka Rise)! Basically, Rise is a pop idol who originally lived in Inaba. The episode starts with her announcing that she is going on a hiatus (and treating us with a new opening theme). When Rise returns to Inaba, she meets Yu when he returns her dropped cell phone.

When everyone gets together, they decide that if Rise is abducted, it will confirm their theory that the victims appear on TV, rather than being connected to Yamano. That night, Rise appears on the Midnight Channel. Everyone gets together to investigate at Rise's family's tofu shop. They warn Rise of the possibility of her abduction.

While trailing Rise, they see a suspicious character and give chase. While everyone else is occupied, Yu stays with Rise, talking with her about her fame and whatnot. She reveals that she is annoyed at the fake persona of her that others see (see what I did there?). That night, Rise still shows up on the Midnight Channel.

Yu finds out that Rise is transferring into their school the next day and helps her elude the paparazzi. He also witnesses Rise's conversation with her manager, who informs her that another idol, Kanami has replaced her for a role in a movie. Yu tries to talk with her, but she just runs away.

Yeah...we weren't staring at Rise's Shadow, right? Anyways, Rise's story is pretty standard for an idol, but I did end up going for her relationship route on my second playthrough. I still can't recall the beef bowl delivery in the game, but it is so epic! This episode was admittedly less silly than the other episodes, but it's actually plot, so who knows? Rie Kugimiya's voice for Rise in that scene with Yu and Rise was such a treat.

Back to the discussion of game mechanics, I just wanted to point out that in the game, you could unlock a different form for each Persona. You do this by getting their social links up to max. Naturally, this second form is stronger, and usually gets rid of their weaknesses, but that's beside the point. I'm wondering how the anime will incorporate this, if even attempts to do so (I'm very hopeful). Mostly, I wonder because I like most of the second forms over the originals (especially Susano-o over Jiraiya).

Anyways, a new Persona in the group next week, but is that it? What if there's a new character next week as well? I don't know how their gonna do the episodes, but if I remember the game correctly, there should be a new character pretty soon if not next week. Also, Rise's dungeon is kinda...well...yeah. So...yeah...I don't what to say about it. Just look forward to it, okay?

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