Guilty Crown Episode 8

So this week Gai organizes a trip for Shu and some of his classmates so that Shu can take the opportunity to draw out Shouta's Void for a mission. Naturally, this leads to the obligatory beach episode (as well as some jealousy from one of Shu's female classmates in reaction to Inori in a swimsuit).

While they're enjoying themselves, Shu goes to visit the grave of his father. Gai suggests that Shu use Inori to draw out Shouta. Shu originally refuses, but changes his mind later. Shouta ends up trying to confess to Inori, but Shu interrupts him and draws out his Void.

As everyone is infiltrating the facility, another man enters using an ID card for Shu's father. Gai, Shu, and Inori reach the target to find that it has already been taken by the other intruder, identified as Keido. Souta ends up forgiving Shu because he realizes Shu is finally giving him his true feelings.

Tsugumi in a maid outfit...probably one of the few good things about this episode (as well as the...scenes with Inori). I dunno...Gai just isn't enough to make this show like Code Geass. I guess the girls are better, but I never really cared that the girls in Code Geass were lackluster because Lelouch and the plot were epic enough to compensate. Does this show seem like it's lacking because I'm comparing it to Code Geass even now, or is it just legitimately falling under? I'm not gonna lie. The music: absolutely great. The female characters: very nice. Shu: makes me wanna kill myself.

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