Chihayafuru Episode 9

With the karuta club officially recognized as a club, practice finally starts. While Nishida and Taichi are both Class B, Tsutomu and Kanade are both still beginners. Chihaya has them both play against stronger opponents, saying that she started similarly with Arata. She also expresses her plan to enter them all in tournaments.

When Chihaya idly mentions a camp she attended, the rest of the club members latch onto the idea, choosing Taichi's house as the venue. At the camp, Chihaya gets a bit overzealous with scheduling games, nearly running Tsutomu and Kanade ragged before Taichi stops her. Taichi's mom comes home early, and Chihaya is forced to escape with Kanade.

Chihaya worries that she has overworked Kanade, but she suddenly awakens with a burst of energy, dragging Chihaya out to meet with everyone else. Chihaya quickly apologizes, but everyone just tells her that they had no problem with her approach. The meetup turns out to be for celebrating Chihaya's birthday, which she has forgotten.

Well, this week's episode was pretty mushy...not that I'm complaining. I'm still interested in the strategy of the game. It was pretty intriguing when Taichi was talking about how to factor in your opponent's skills when you're placing the cards. I'm wondering about Taichi's reaction to Arata's message at the end of the episode...jealousy? Oh well, just have to wait and find out.

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