Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 9

This episode starts off with a revelation. The principal is a member of a special section of the POG, the Phi section, and he allows the president of the POG to place the next Sage Puzzle in the academy. Meanwhile, the school festival is afoot.

The episode also talks a bit about Jikukawa, who is revealed to have been rejected previously by Orpheus. At the festival, Kaito and Gammon end up joining a crossdressing tournament (really? they're gonna have two crossdressing events in this season?). However, things get serious when Nonoha gets captured as part of the Sage Puzzle.

Kaito struggles with the puzzle, but receives a message from Minotaur, the first Giver he met (and Jikukawa). Jikukawa hacks the puzzle and gives Kaito the information he needs for the solution. However, the room still collapses, but Cubic arrives to save them. The episode ends with the principal revealing that Jikukawa has the title of Newton.

Interesting to see stuff about Jikukawa. I feel like he might eventually be forced to the fight Kaito, but we'll just have to see. Kaito is annoyingly dense. He even notices that Minotaur made a crude puzzle more refined, just as Jikukawa did with the Puzzle Club's puzzle earlier in the episode, and he still can't make the link. Oh well...guess that's anime for you.

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