Fate/Zero Episode 9

Alright, this week's episode starts off with Kayneth having a dream about Lancer's past. He awakes to find that Sola has restrained him on a hospital bed. She reveals that his magic circuits have been destroyed, and he can never use magic again. Sola asks Kayneth to give her the Command Seals, but he refuses, and she responds by torturing him.

Meanwhile, Saber asks Iris to talk to Kiritsugu about pursuing Caster to prevent further harming of innocents. However, Kiritsugu is intent on killing Kayneth. Sola shows Lancer the Command Seals, trying to convince him that Kayneth has given up on the Grail Wars, but Lancer refuses to pledge his loyalty to her.

Sola is finally able to convince Lancer by saying that she only seeks the Grail to help heal Kayneth (pretty sure she's lying). Meanwhile, Waver uses alchemy to follow the trail of Caster. When they reach Caster's lair, Rider tries to warn Waver not to examine it any closer, but Waver insists and sees the grotesque carnage left by Caster.

The two are interrupted by the arrival of multiple Assassins, and they realize that Assassin's death was faked. Rider takes one out, but the others return to the shadows, so the two leave.

Rider and Waver are such an entertaining combination! Also, Sola is crazy! Not much Iris this week if that's what you were hoping for, but I'm glad that Rider made his appearance. I like that Lancer wasn't just like "Yes, Master" when Sola asked him to serve her, but actually showed some loyalty. Great episode as always and definitely keep looking forward to more!

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