Persona 4 Episode 8

School camping trip! The minute I saw camping trip, I remembered this part in the game. The curry of death! Basically, each group is responsible for their own meals in the trip, so Chie and Yukiko make curry for the guys. Unfortunately, they don't really know much about curry, so they kinda make...the curry of death.

We're also introduced to Konishi Naoki (if the last name sounds familiar, he's Saki's younger brother), who quickly expresses his dislike of Yosuke. Kanji is childhood friends with Naoki, but he doesn't know much about him, so he just drags Naoki over to talk with everyone, changing his opinion of everyone.

Later, everyone talks about the case, coming to the conclusion that the victims are people who are featured on TV. That night, Kanji's manliness is called into question, so he goes over to the girls' tent to prove himself. However, Chie and Yukiko knock him out and go over to the boys' tent to talk.

On the last day of the trip, Yosuke suggests everyone takes a swim, using the curry of death as leverage to convince Yukiko and Chie. When they mention their lack of swimsuits, Yosuke produces two swimsuits that he had brought (shifts gaze).

They took away the day change scenes! I didn't really like that bit. Also, what was up with the frequent scene changes with Kuma yelling Persona? Yosuke's antics are entertaining as usual, and I think Kanji's been integrated nicely. The scene at night was pretty much like it was in the game (as well as the curry of death). It did provide some interesting scenes when Moroka walks by the tent. Remember what I said about the episodes getting sillier? Yeah...this episode is another example. I don't know if it was like this before, but it feels like the animation is a bit better, though. I think next week is Rise, so it should be interesting. Probably no fighting, though.

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