Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 8

Um, this week's episode...starts off with...Kobato (shift gaze). Anyways, the character Kobato imitates reveals a different outfit in the latest episode, which Kobato translates as an excuse to wear more appropriate clothes for the summer heat.

Back at club, another conflict occurs between Kobato and Maria over Kodaka (and Sena swoons over Kobato's new outfit). That aside, a violent death scene in Sena's eroge prompts a trip to the pool (pretty standard).

When everyone arrives at the pool, they find an epic line for the bus to the pool. When they finally get on the bus, Kodaka discovers that Yozora and Rika become nauseous in the presence of so many people. When they get to the pool, they find that the cause of the crowd is a sale for the pool tickets.

Yukimura is forced to wear a girl's swimsuit by Yozora in the continuing manliness training, leading to an entertaining locker room changing with Kodaka. When they finally get to the pool, they find out that Yozora and Rika have both jumped ship and taken the bus home, bringing the pool trip to an abrupt halt.

As usual, continued respect for Kodaka for not completely losing it (although Yukimura sure did push him to the limit). Not sure what the point of those flashbacks was. Was Kodaka realizing some sort of feelings he has? Or was it just a way to show the progress of the show and the character development? Oh well, hilarious as always (especially with Sena all over Kobato).

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