Guilty Crown Episode 7

As expected, things start to calm down in this week's episode now that Shu's data has been erased. Still, Shu's classmates see him as a criminal because of his abduction by the GHQ. However, with the help of the student council president, Kuhouin Arisa (Alice?), they accept that he was picked up by mistake and start to ask him about the GHQ.

Meanwhile, Inori inadvertently meets Shu's mother when she suddenly returns home. That awkwardness aside, Shu is called by Gai for a mission where they infiltrate a cruise. There, he's surprised to see not only his mother, but also Arisa.

The mission is interrupted when missiles are fired at the cruise. In order to save the ship, Gai tricks Arisa and Shu draws her Void to stop the missile barrage. Meanwhile, the rest of the Undertakers complete the mission, forming an alliance with the Kuhouin group.

Ok...the obvious stuff about Haruka aside, it looks like something interesting going on between Gai and Arisa. It also seems like Haruka knows the mystery girl that's related to Inori (who I want to know about so freaking bad). Still very annoyed about Shu's personality, but I guess I can manage. Keep looking forward to this show...Inori says so.

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