Tamayura Hitotose Episode 8

The aftermath of the Road of Aspiration festival. This week's episode looks more into Shihomi Riho, who Fu looks up to as a photographer. Fu mentions a time in the past when she found a photo album that truly amazed her, marking her first encounter with Shihomi. Meanwhile, everyone goes to the photo studio to find Komachi, who has also taken up photography to impress Kou.

Everyone goes to see Shihomi, who is staying at the Hobiro restaurant with Yakusa Chimo, who is a cook. As everyone else starts to leave, Fu shows Shihomi her own pictures, and after some conversation, Shihomi invites Fu to come with her and Chimo to visit a friend of theirs.

As they make their way on the train, Fu starts to worry that Shihomi may be thinking of giving up as a photographer, but pushes the thought aside. When they arrive, they meet Misano, who works at a restaurant called Casablanca, and Fu is introduced.

As Chimo and Misano talk about giving up their dreams of being illustrators, Fu starts to worry more about Shihomi. Shihomi senses Fu's worries, and reassures her that she will not give up on photography yet.

Very nice to be seeing other characters and their stories. Fu was pretty cute in this episode, but more Maon was needed! Still, good stuff as usual. There's going to be a second post later today, so look forward to that! Unfortunately, my contract doesn't allow me to say any more about it.

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