Chihayafuru Episode 8

One more member for the club before it's official, so everyone is out recruiting. Unfortunately, this isn't going so well, but at lunch, Chihaya recognizes someone from the flashback episodes (I don't actually remember him, though). Meanwhile, Taichi explains the rules of karuta to Komano and Kaede.

The prospective member, Nishida, is a member of the tennis team, but Chihaya still tries to recruit him with her normal overzealous style. Chihaya notices that Nishida uses karuta to keep his rhythm while he plays tennis and points it out to him. He tries to play without karuta, but starts to perform poorly.

Nishida goes to the karuta club to check it out, and Taichi proposes that he plays against Chihaya when he says that practicing is pointless in karuta. Nishida takes an early lead, but   Chihaya starts to come back and manages to win. Nishida ends up quitting the tennis club and joining the karuta club.

The cast is assembled, so hopefully more stuff can happen. This show follows a pretty predictable trajectory and I don't know how I feel about that yet. But it's still entertaining, so I'll keep watching. It was nice to learn more about the rules of karuta and strategy...those are the sorts of things I like to see. Look forward to more!

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