Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 8

This week's episode starts off with Kaito getting called by Genius Okudera (you know, that guy from like the first episode), who has recently opened up a puzzle resort. However, the puzzle resort will be featuring a Sage Puzzle left by the manager's dead grandfather, which is why Kaito is called. Kaito also brings along Nonoha and Ana.

The three just goof off at the resort for the first day, but Ana seems to react strangely to the construction going on around it. Nonoha goes off to find Ana the next morning while Kaito tackles the puzzle. She finds Ana painting a landscape, but in tears. Meanwhile, Kaito is solving the parts of the puzzle easily, but becomes suspicious that there are no traps.

As Kaito is about to solve the final puzzle, the rope bridge he's walking across snaps, but he is saved by Anna and Nonoha. They solve the puzzle, but when they open the final door, they find more construction. However, Ana reveals that his painting was actually of the landscape that was originally there. The episode ends with the manager instead starting a restoration of the wildlife around the resort.

An interesting return for Anna, showing off more of his eccentricity. Gammon was replaced this week by Genius. Nice to finally see someone other than Kaito doing something. Poor Nonoha always on the sidelines. Anyways, more to come.

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