Fate/Zero Episode 8

Sorry for how late this post is. I've been at the convention center for MLG (google if you don't know what that is) since 9 am. Taking a step away from Kiritsugu in the castle, Iris senses the arrival of another Master, Kirei. Rather than running, Iris suggests that they fight him (such a great character).

Meanwhile, Kiritsugu shoots his mega bullet, which manages to hit Kayneth, allowing him to escape. Kirei arrives, and easily takes out Maiya. However, Iris reveals that she knows an offensive form of magic, using it to restrain Kirei, although he quickly escapes. Also, Saber uses Excalibur to create a path for Lancer to pierce Caster's tome, breaking his Noble Phantasm.

It's revealed that Kiritsugu's mega bullets are actually made from himself, and they act to cause magic circuits to go haywire, especially dangerous against a powerful magus like Kayneth. Unfortunately, Lancer arrives before he is able to finish Kayneth off and the two escape.

Kirei ends up stabbing Iris before running off before Saber arrives. Before anyone freaks out, Iris is not dead! Actually, Iris has Avalon, which heals her wounds, and she heals Maiya.

First off, it was definitely great to watch both Kiritsugu and Kirei in battle. Since these two are the central characters in this show, I'm glad that they are each epic enough to handle their importance. I'm also glad that Iris didn't die...although I predict that she has to die. Rider and Berserker need to come back into the show...I miss them.

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