Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 7

This week's episode starts off with an introduction to a group of kindergarteners that are quite attached to Nonoha. The teacher mysteriously gives a letter to Kaito, which starts to bother Nonoha. Meanwhile, the principal notes a change in management at the Japanese branch of the POG with Jikugawa.

Nonoha and Gammon follow Kaito to find out that Madoka, the kindergarten teacher, is actually a Giver, a fact that Kaito had hoped to keep from Nonoha. The Sage Puzzle turns out to be a trap set by the new head of the POG, Herbert Muller, without Madoka's knowledge.

The three manage to reach the last puzzle, but the ceiling crumbles, destroying the puzzle. Fortunately, Nonoha is able to recreate it from memory and the puzzle is solved. Nonoha ends up getting the title of Nightingale, which elicits a comical reaction from her.

As I was saying last episode, someone other than Kaito needs to win. I was thinking Gammon, but this week, Nonoha gets a chance to shine. Definitely nice to see the episode ending without Kaito just doing everything. We're also shown that the Givers are just as complicated as the Solvers, and we're introduced to a new enemy.

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