Chihayafuru Episode 7

Interesting. Some strategy. Although it's a bit difficult to follow, we get a glimpse into Taichi's thought processes during a game of karuta, as he switches up his patterns depending on what's been read and what's left. Despite all of this, Chihaya is still faster without having to vary her strategy at all.

Chihaya goes to recruit Tsutomu Komano for the club as he is rank two in the class after Taichi. Komano is introduced as a typical smart guy, who enjoys studying and is constantly teased by everyone else. Komano refuses to join, but Chihaya just drags him off.

Chihaya emphasizes that karuta is based from memory, so Komano challenges them to play with the cards flipped over, believing it to be impossible. Taichi naturally has an edge in this game due to Chihaya's poor memorization ability, and he easily beats her.

After the match, Komano just leaves, jealous of Taichi. Taichi recognizes the same self-deprecating attitude in Komano that he had with karuta, and manages to inspire Komano to play karuta and join the club.

New more left? Personally, I thought it would have been more interesting if Komano was first in class with Taichi as second, but it doesn't really matter. I like that they don't focus so much on the karuta, but it's nice to know things like strategy that are a bit deeper than just whacking cards.

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