C Cube Episode 7

As predicted, the victim from last episode was Konoha. Konoha regains consciousness, but starts to act particularly flirty with Haruaki (not that we can complain). Fear seems pretty depressed about the incident, but Haruaki cheers her up by taking her out grocery shopping.

Back at home, Kirika shows up, frustrated that Haruaki has kept everything from her. With everyone together and Konoha awake again, Kirika explains that Sovereignty must have an ally with a similar ability to drain energy.

The next day, everyone goes to the nurses office to ask about Shiraho. However, Sovereignty's picture is in the record instead of Shiraho. They go to confront Sovereignty, to find that the one they believed to be Shiraho was actually Sovereignty. Sovereignty turns out to be a doll with a male and a female spirit, which she demonstrates by switching genders.

Unable to control herself, the real Sovereignty attacks Haruaki, but Kirika takes the hit instead. Meanwhile, the real Shiraho begs them not to kill Sovereignty, revealing that the true curse of Sovereignty is that the owner will fall in love with him/her and die at Sovereignty's hands.

Very interesting. I feel like I should have predicted it, but I didn't. I should've known Sovereignty was actually the pink-haired girl, not the green-haired girl that claim to be her. That certainly was a nice twist. With this episode, I'm much more confident that Sovereignty and Shiraho will become regular members of the cast. Lots of great screencaps this week :D (Fear's so cute). Next week could be the shocking conclusion of this arc?

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