Chihayafuru Episode 6

New characters! We're introduced to a girl named Oe Kanade, who is in the archery club, but has a tendency to miss practice and isn't that great at it. Instead, she reveals that she only wishes to wear traditional clothing. She stops by the karuta club room to see Taichi and Chihaya playing.

Chihaya notices Oe watching and chases her down, finding out that Oe actually knows quite a bit about karuta. Chihaya asks her to join the club, but Oe refuses because they don't wear hakama (what an interesting mode of reasoning).

Chihaya starts to follow Oe around, trying to convince her to join them. Chihaya eventually follows Oe back to her family's store, a traditional clothing shop, where Oe tells her the history behind the Chihayafuru poem, as well as many more of the Hundred Poems.

The next day, Oe returns to the club room and finally joins the club, with the condition that they all wear hakama during matches. An interesting episode, I guess...New characters are usually not a bad thing. Not sure why, but I'm not a huge fan of Oe's character. I guess now the show's going to devote an episode for each of the remaining club members? At least two more. Well, we'll just have to see.

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