Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 6

Picking back up from last week, Kaito is still in a slump and unable to solve puzzles because of the events of the last episode. Cubic captures Kaito so that he can examine him, explaining to everyone that the armband allows Kaito to use more of his brain to solve puzzles. However, at the moment, his emotions have taken over his brain's functions.

Kaito refuses to accept this and tries to take on the next Sage Puzzle regardless. Kaito's still unable to solve puzzles, so Gammon solves the invitation himself, later telling Kaito what it says. Nonoha tries to talk Kaito out of solving the Sage Puzzle, but instead, she convinces him to go.

Kaito is once again unable to solve the Sage Puzzle, so Gammon tries himself. Unfortunately, the answer he chooses turns out to be a trap and the true puzzle is revealed. Kaito nearly cracks, but he's able to activate the armband for real and solve the puzzle.

Well, part of me figured that this whole puzzle block thing would be resolved quickly, but I'm a little annoyed that it was. Hopefully, the show doesn't just return to the same pattern as before, because that wouldn't be too entertaining. Honestly, I probably could've solved the puzzle this week. Gammon's actually a pretty interesting character...I feel like he should get a win every once in a while.

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