C Cube Episode 6

Looks like things have calmed down a bit now that Peavey's been "taken care of." The principal attempts to give Haruaki and the others a cursed doll to handle, but changes this into a search mission when he finds that the doll is missing. Fear tries to find the doll herself, but Haruaki and Konoha are not so willing to let her.

They find the doll, which has taken human form. The doll introduces herself as Saverenti De Perfection (is it supposed to Sovereignty?). They also meet the doll's former owner, Shirako, who is rather confused of the matter. Before anyone can do anything, Saverenti takes control of the stuffed animals in the room and uses them to attack.

Fear and Konoha take out the dolls easily, but Saverenti escapes. The gang ends up talking with Shirako, who turns out to be quite the klutz. Fear starts to understand how Saverenti feels and proposes the idea that Saverenti is unaware that her curse can be lifted.

Haruaki is called by Saverenti, who asks him to overlook what she does. Haruaki instead proposes that she live with him while they try to lift her curse. Saverenti then asks why Haruaki assumes that she wants the curse lifted. The episode ends with another victim being discovered.

It's suggested that Haruaki knows the recent victim...based on logic, it seems like it's Konoha (how dare she). Maybe a little too much focus on boobs this episode (>.>), but still enjoyable. Is Saverenti going to be another main character?

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